About us

Cobo Abogados is a law firm based in Marbella and its surroundings, which preferentially acts in the province of Malaga and Andalusia. It is highly specialised in the areas of Administrative Litigation, Administrative Law and Town Planning, and Civil Law and Condominium Properties.

With almost 40 years of experience in the dealing with disputes, both as individuals‚?? attorneys as well as local government attorneys, Cobo Abogados stands out due to the completeness and rigour with which it studies, analyses and broaches each case as a means to attain success in extensive highly complex matters.

The law firm has garnered great prestige on the Costa del Sol. It provides its services to developers and construction companies, along with government agencies like local authorities, county councils (diputaciones) and local authority territorial associations (mancomuidades), owners‚?? associations, as well as to entities and individuals that have to defend their rights against the Public Administration or in any other civil or private sphere.

The law firm, which was founded and is presently led by the lawyer Francisco Cobo Medina, provides exclusive, direct and personal attention by the same lawyer, who will be highly experienced and well trained, right from the very start of a case up to its definitive conclusion.

Cobo Abogados offers fees and means of payment that are in keeping with each case and client‚??s situation, so that they can count on having all the safeguards of a top-quality legal service with the best financial facilities.

Cobo Abogados maintains close relationships with other important law firms for cases requiring an interdisciplinary approach and the involvement of specialists in other areas of the Law, such as Criminal Law, Labour Law and Tax Law, to ensure that the legal service offered maintains the same level of success and the same standards of excellence.